Manufacturing IT Summit

Priyabrata Sarangi, speaker at 11th edition MITS – The face of the digital transformation of Eastman Auto & Power Limited (EAPL), September 12, 2018

As mentioned by Priyabrata Sarangi, the ideal mixture of private and public clouds may minimize infrastructure landscape by up to 20 percent. He states that the version works for him because he does not have to spend and lock in a massive sum of money upfront. He's also convinced that his electronic conversion measures will yield high returns on the productivity and decrease the production deadline thus increasing the overall efficacy. Together with the ERP integration and automation, Sarangi is assuring that all data can be accumulated from the store floor level to the upper floor degree in a manner that is seamless in addition to ease machine to server integration and freedom.

Eastman Auto & Power Limited (EAPL) is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of energy storage and solar solutions. It exports energy storage and solar solutions to over 60 countries. The business is high on digital and the guy assisting the digital transformation is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Priyabrata Sarangi. Having united as recently as March this year, Sarangi has diverted all of his attempts to assist Eastman automobile in leveraging the latest technology and digital pathways for revamping and improving the comprehensive shop floor to top floor construction.

Together with the rapidly evolving technology landscape, Sarangi believes the manufacturing industry should stay informed about the newest developments on this front. Over the brief time span, Sarangi has experimented with numerous cutting-edge technologies. He's migrated his firm from an on-premise infrastructure to cloud infrastructure and by the organization's legacy ERP to SAP HANA. In his scheme of things, developing a proper digital platform is vital to any transformation and CIOs require an IT platform that may support software for at least 1 to 2 decades. This is the reason why SAP HANA is also a proper platform for constructing the core, the client point in addition to machine connectivity. When the ERP begins functioning, then the entire system falls right into place. The ERP can enter your personal cloud whereas the other components like mobility can go into the general cloud. Some components can even enter the hybrid. This may have significant cost benefits for a business.

"We're on a mobility platform that joins the firm with its vendors, distributors, and dealers. It's a complete end-to-end bundle based on the most recent technology”. Sarangi believes that a CIO should clearly have the ability to comprehend the company objectives and plans before beginning to travel the digital conversion path. The manufacturing industry digital evangelist also believes that the chief mantra for every CIO has to be to create the IT organization a for-profit center rather than a cost center. Equipped with an experience of more than two years, Sarangi's core competencies are in the regions of business infrastructure and applications management.

Sarangi is also undertaking initiatives based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), process automation, and real-time transformation through a manufacturing and execution system.

The 11tth edition of Manufacturing IT Summit is honored to host Mr. Priyabata Sarangi, a respected name in the manufacturing industry, as a keynote speaker. The summit is dedicated to bringing together the CTOs and IT Heads across manufacturing industry to indulge in extensive learning and networking among the fraternity and meet innovative business solution providers to source business solutions for their current and future business requirements. The summit is intelligently curated to ensure business value through amplified ROI.