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25th February 2022

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10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(Singapore Standard Time)



Manufacturing IT Summit: Southeast Asia

In a fast-moving digital landscape, IT leaders from the manufacturing sector have a long way to go when it comes to sustainable transformation. There's an immediate need to innovate processes, drive culture change, and become agile.

At the Manufacturing IT Summit, Southeast Asia's top IT leaders will share their best practices and case-studies from their transformation journey. Through a meticulous agenda, a well-rounded speaker line-up and engaging session formats, the conference will put forth the best practices to overcome the current challenges facing the Southeast Asian Manufacturing sector.

Speakers 2021

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Millie Gillon image
Millie Gillon

MD & Global Head of Client Experience
Retail Banking, Standard Chartered

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Ganesh Raman image
Ganesh Raman

Head of Business Excellence

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Ramu Arivuvel image
Ramu Arivuvel

Group CTO

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Medhat El Husseiny image
Medhat El Husseiny

Chief Technology & Information Officer
Indosat Ooredoo

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Andreas Yunanto image
Andreas Yunanto

Head of Information Technology
Kalbe E-Health

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Aaron Tan image
Aaron Tan

Founder & Chairman of IASA Asia Pacific
The Global Professional Body of IT Architects

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Manju Jalali image
Manju Jalali

VP & Global Head Digital Manufacturing

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Sean Lam image
Dr Sean Lam

Head of Data Science

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Muni Vinay Kamisetty image
Muni Vinay Kamisetty

Senior Vice President
Regional Head of Data and BI, Enterprise Intelligence Lazada

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Tony Low image
Tony Low

Cybersecurity Awareness & Advisory Program Lead
AiSP (Association of Information Security Professionals)

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Daniel Clarke image
Daniel Clarke

Director of Hybrid Cloud
Big Data and Emerging Products, APAC Informatica

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Ming Yao image

Deputy Group Chief Information Officer NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Craig Wheeler image
Craig Wheeler

Group VP of Digital and Omnichannel Kanmo Group

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Charlene Li image
Charlene Li

Digital Transformation and Disruptive Leadership Expert

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Mukesh image
Mukesh Pilania

Head- Digital Transformation Techcombank

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Peter Doherty image
Peter Doherty

Director, Industry Solutions, APJ

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Erdal Ozkaya image
Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Board Member
Australian Institute of ICT

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Prasanta Roy image
Prasanta Roy

Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Tune Protect Group

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Khalid Raheel image
Khalid Raheel

Chief Marketing Officer
Amar Bank

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Karunanand Menon image
Karunanand Menon

Senior Sales Engineer, Asia

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Arun Kumar Raghunathan image
Arun Kumar Raghunathan

Director of Cyber Security Governance and Compliance, Unilever

manufacturing IT summit Southeast Asia_speaker Vasudevan Nair image
Vasudevan Nair

Head IT & Chief Information Security Officer
Writer Corporation

manufacturing IT summit southeast asia_speaker Gagan Oberoi image
Gagan Oberoi

Espire Infolabs

manufacturing IT summit southeast asia_speaker Nitesh Jain image
Nitesh Jain

Region Head
South East Asia, Espire Infolabs

manufacturing IT summit southeast asia_speaker Nikita Rana image
Nikita Rana

Corporate Anchor

manufacturing it summit southeast asia_learn image


Understand what business transformations can do for your organisations, not just technology. Recognise how best to deploy your finances and gain maximum ROI.

manufacturing it summit southeast asia_connect image


Gain insights on how developing an effective internet platform that can sustain, advance and scale business operations may be the most important task faced by the region’s decision-makers

manufacturing it summit southeast asia_discover image


Get on-board with the chance to transform your business while the internet market is evolving rather than playing catch-up.

manufacturing it summit southeast asia_network image


Meet the like-minded people, identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of business interest. Interact with influential people that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to easily talk to or find.

Job Titles

  • CIO
  • CTOs
  • CISOs
  • VP/Heads/Directors- Manufacturing excellence
  • Group Head/VP/Directors - IT
  • Cybersecurity specialists
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Directors- Business Transformation
  • Digital Manufacturing Data Architects
  • Director of Operations
  • Digital Transformation Specialists

Industries in Focus

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing
  • Chemicals
  • Automobiles
  • Electronics
  • Textile
  • Plastic manufacturers
  • Home appliances
  • Steel
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Plastic and polymers
  • Oil and Gas
manufacturing it summit southeast asia_who-attend image
  • Meet pre-qualified buyers with verified spending budgets and generate highly-targeted business leads.
  • Gain brand visibility and a competitive edge to be showcased as go-to solution provider for the Digital transformation decision makers.
  • Detailed analytics at every step of your presence in the virtual event and heightened engagement with buyers
  • Virtual Networking designed to accommodate quick and seamless interaction with prospects.
  • Reach your target audience by pre-scheduling meetings with potential clients and understand business specific needs.

Who should sponsor

  • Consultants
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Automation devices
  • Sensors and Robotics
  • Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality
  • ERP systems+Integration platforms
  • Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity applications
  • Expand your professional network: Meet the expert industry leaders in innovative virtual formats and get an opportunity to connect with them.
  • Influential Industry leaders: Get inspired by our expert industry speakers and gain in-depth knowledge about their current business practices and learn how you can stand out in competitive digital world in post covid era.
  • Amazing session content : Get access to presentations shared by the top industry leaders in the manufacturing sector and learn about how they empower their organizations through smart strategies and plans.
  • Customized solutions : Gain knowledge about digital solutions from the solution providers from all over the continent and get customized solutions for your organization as per your business requirements.
  • Level up with MITS 2022: Get benefitted from each session having deep dive content and actionable insights that would prepare your organization for future by learning smart tips and modern solutions to digital problems.
manufacturing it summit southeast asia_why-attend image
  • Hear from the expert industry leaders about the best industry 4.0 digital practices in the manufacturing industry.
  • Discuss about the integration of smart automation in the production systems
  • Unleashing the importance of Artificial Intelligence and automation to sustain in post covid world
  • Learn from the leaders how they tackle industry 4.0 challenges and what strategies they adopt.
  • Understand the implications of smart manufacturing and implementation of the right technology.
  • Explore the latest technological solutions to prepare your organization for the future
  • Explore the latest technology and business solutions that can elevate your organization's capabilities and overcome existing challenges
manufacturing it summit southeast asia_key-takeaways image


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