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27th Edition

Manufacturing IT
Summit 2025

From Manual to Digital: Revolutionizing the Factory Floor


Indonesia is on the cusp of an industrial revolution. With a burgeoning economy and a government committed to Industry 4.0, the stage is set for unprecedented growth. The manufacturing sector, a cornerstone of the nation’s economic might, is primed to lead this charge.
As Indonesia aims to become a global economic powerhouse by 2030, the next 15 years promise to be a golden age of manufacturing. By harnessing the power of technology, we can unlock the sector’s full potential and contribute significantly to the nation’s GDP.
Gathering over 300+ architects of this transformation: C-suite executives, technology leaders, and industry visionaries. The Manufacturing IT Summit brings together, we will explore the strategies, technologies, and collaborations driving Indonesia’s manufacturing future.


  • Value added in the Manufacturing market is projected to amount to US$203.6bn in 2024.
  • Output in the Manufacturing market is projected to amount to US$633.1bn in 2024.
  • The output per enterprise in the Manufacturing market is projected to amount to US$27.2m in 2024.
  • Indonesia is the 10th-largest manufacturing nation in the world and represents 1.6 percent of global manufacturing output.
  • Industry 4.0 is expected to contribute an additional USD$121 billion to Indonesia’s GDP by 2025
  • The country hopes to become one of the world’s top five economies with a GDP of up to $9 trillion in 2045
  • Indonesia’s manufacturing sector is now larger than the manufacturing sectors of the United Kingdom, Russian and Mexico
  • The Indonesian government is aiming high for electric vehicle (EV) sales in 2024, with a target of reaching 50,000 units.
  • the adoption of technology in the manufacturing sector can add value of up to $2.8 trillion to the Indonesian GDP by 2040.

Why Sponsor

  • Prior notification of pre-qualified attending decision makers 5 days before the event along with information about their current challenges and technology requirements.
  • Speed networking: to introduce and exchange business cards with all the event attendees.
  • Guaranteed one-to-one meetings with the delegates of your choice and a dedicated account manager from Exito to execute these meetings during the event.
  • Dedicated networking table in the networking area with your branding to have discussions with your prospects.
  • Standalone speaking slot in the agenda to address the entire delegates (in select sponsorship packages).
  • Opportunity for a senior management executive to be part of a Panel of your choice as a moderator or as a panelist (in select sponsorship packages).
  • Gain brand visibility and a competitive edge to be showcased as the go-to solution provider for the IT leaders.

Why Sponsor ?

Pre Qualified Leads
Pre-Qualified Leads

Connect with 300+ influential industry leaders empowered to make impactful decisions for their businesses.

1:1 Meetings
Guaranteed one-to-one meetings with potential clients
Product Showcase
Product Showcase
showcase your organization’s expertise and enhance your brand exposure.
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Brand amplification
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Speed Networking
Speed Networking
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Former Strategic Board

Ir. Arif Ilham Adnan, ST.,MBA., MSc

Deputy Chairman and Founder
Association of Digital Leader Indonesia
Chairman of Permanent Committee
Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Republic of Indonesia

Ir. Ignatius Warsito

Minister’s Expert Staff for Strengthening Domestic Industry Capabilities
Acting Director General of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industry
Ministry of Industry
Republic of Indonesia

Raine Renaldi S.IIP

Chief of Digital Asset Committee
Republic of Indonesia

Edmund Situmorang

Head of Artificial Intelligence
Sinarmas Mining
Chief Technology Officer
PT. Asian Bulk Logistics,

PAST Speakers

Ir. Afriansyah Noor. M.Si

Vice Minister of Manpower
Ministry of Manpower
Republic of Indonesia

Indra Darmawan

Deputy Minister of Investment Planning
Ministry of Investment
Republic of Indonesia

Lieutenant General (ret) Hinsa Siburian

National Agency for Cyber and Cryptography
Republic of Indonesia

Dr. Ing Ilham Akbar Habibie, MBA

Chief Executive
National Information and Communication Technology Council (WANTIKNAS)
Republic of Indonesia

Dr. Eng. Hary Budiarto M. Kom, IPM

Head of Human Resources, Research and Development Agency
Ministry of Communications and Informatics
Republic Of Indonesia

Ir. Arif Ilham Adnan, ST.,MBA., MSc

Deputy Chairman and Founder
Association of Digital Leader Indonesia
Chairman of Permanent Committee
Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Republic of Indonesia

Ir. Ignatius Warsito

Minister’s Expert Staff for Strengthening Domestic Industry Capabilities
Acting Director General of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industry
Ministry of Industry
Republic of Indonesia

Donni Ansyari

Associate Policy Analyst
Directorate of Access to Industrial Resources and International Promotion
Ministry of Industry
Republic of Indonesia

Chairul Saleh

Director of Community Development & Entrepreneurship
Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
Republic of Indonesia

Ferry Akbar PASARIBU

Assistant Deputy/Minister Counselor
Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs
Republic of Indonesia

Reza Mahdi Daniswara

Acting Head of Planning Division
Secretariat General of The National Council for Special Economic Zone

Juan Kanggrawan

Head of Product, Tribe & Data
Indonesia National Ministry (GovTech) and Smart Cities
Republic of Indonesia

Salil Dutt

Chief Technical Adviser
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Intan Rahayu, S.Si.,M.T

Director of Cybersecurity and Cryptography for Industrial Sector
National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN)
Republic of Indonesia

Raine Renaldi S.IIP

Chief of Digital Asset Committee
Republic of Indonesia

Fadli Hamsani

General Manager Industrial IoT

Edmund Situmorang

Head of Artificial Intelligence
Sinarmas Mining
Chief Technology Officer
PT. Asian Bulk Logistics,

Dr. Pratama Persadha

Communication & Information System Security Research Center

Wilbertus Darmadi

Toyota Astra Motor

Adhi Firmansyah

Country Lead

Dr. Irawan Budi Utomo

Head Of Regional Supply Chain Asia
PT. SCHOTT Igar Glass

Apung Sumengkar

Member of Digital Economy and Business
Association of Indonesian Entrepreneur (APINDO)

Dhuha Abdul A

AVP Manufacturing Industry 4.0
BUMN Holding Farmasi BioFarma- Indonesia

Mochamad James Falahuddin

Executive Director
Indonesia Blockchain Society

Ir.Alexander Ludi, MBA

Vice Chairman
Association of Indonesian Transformation Digital, 4.0 (PIDI 4.0)

Cokorda Susila

Head of Shipping and Offsite Export Import
Freeport Indonesia

Andang Nugroho

ISC2 Jakarta Chapter

Adisti Sawitri

Managing Editor
The Jakarta Post

Kenny Wen

Solution Consultant
Symtrax Corporation

Muhammad Syahrul

Territory Manager
Veeam Software

Mega Latu, M.J.Kom

News Anchor/ Presenter
PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk

Dr. Cheng Wang

Senior Technical Specialist
Autonomous Compute
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Deepak Pande

Senior Vice President IOT Industry
Indosat Business

Why Attend

  • Brilliant Content: In-depth, trend-forward sessions – with tons of practical takeaways and ideas to keep you ahead in the technology space.
  • Brilliant Speakers: Gain in-depth guidance from expert speakers on fine-tuning the IT needs in your organization.
  • Continued Learning: Gain access to speaker presentation slides and recordings, for your company to reference and use in your marketing and business initiatives, year-round.
  • Connections : Hundreds of seasoned CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, CDOs, Technology experts, strategists, operations heads, marketers, and more to mingle and connect with. Meet your customers, vendors, expert resources, friends and colleagues of tomorrow.
  • Showcase of technology solutions: Gather practical perspectives from many real-world use-cases shared by the market’s leading players, including early adopters and leaders from across the region.
  • Network with leading solution providers: As a delegate, you will experience cutting-edge technology from solution providers from around the world that can fulfil your business requirements.

Featured Discussions

Implementing Advanced Technologies in manufacturing
  • How BI enabled by IoT is optimizing operations and is assisting sensible business decisions in the post-crisis normal.
  • IoT - Setting up industries to cater for high-mobility operations
  • Role of Robots
  • Role of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Unravelling the IT landscape for the manufacturing sector
  • Overview of the state of digitization Determining digitization objectives.
  • How to prioritize digital transformation while remaining profitable.
  • How to successfully lead your company to digital excellence
Overcoming Manufacturing Cybersecurity Hurdles
  • Increased security threats brought about by IT-OT convergence.
  • What is the type and level of risk present in smart factories today?
  • Building cybersecurity controls in smart factory initiatives.
  • Importance of having a damage control strategy in case of attacks.
The Value of Augmented and Mixed Reality in Manufacturing
  • How Augmented and Mixed Reality Help to Manufacture a Better Spacecraft
  • Why AR and VR is beneficial in almost every circumstance
Revolutionizing Indonoesia's mobility with Electric Vehicles/ Hastening the mobility growth with EV
  • The need for charging infrastructure to progress as EV friendly country.
Cloud computing -Essential to the future of Manufacturing Industry
  • Cloud adoption in Indonesia, overcoming the challenge of disparate systems and legacy software.
  • Formulating the right cloud strategy to optimize your manufacturing processes keeping the organizations business goals in mind.
  • How cloud computing enhances agility and expands flexibility.
Data Monetization as a Building block in Manufacturing
  • Asset performance management- Going beyond data collection Implementation and challenges
  • Use of industrial IoT or sensor data to analyse and increase the efficiency of manufacturing operations .
  • Contribution of AI in the filed of data management.
Building a smart logistics & supply chain infrastructure in Indonesia
  • Implementation of digital infrastructure to overcome logistics obstacles in logistics sector
  • Optimal use of advances technologies to boost efficiency'
  • Creating a resilient Supply Chain Network and adopting an agile process to respond to changing demand, supply, and market conditions.
Balancing people, Process & Technology towards Creating an agile organisation
  • Having people with right skills - bridging the skill gap
  • Restructuring process flows to remove or minimize inefficiencies
  • Taking a holistic approach towards transformation
  • Adopting technology that is agile, easy to adopt and intuitive.
Automation to achieve new levels of productivity Automated factories:
  • How are AI and ML contributing to building smart factories?
  • RPA to Hyper automation: Is Indonesia Ready?
  • Digital Twins in Manufacturing
  • What are the infrastructural challenges around the implementation?



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Emilia Clarke
I enjoyed the event and found the delegate profiles and presentations very informative. I had productive conversations with potential customers and prospects, and I believe we will generate a decent list of leads for our company. The venue, food, and crowd were all excellent, and I had many interesting conversations and gained a lot of knowledge. We will definitely consider sponsoring DTS in the future
Emilia Clarke
I had really good conversations today with the number of delegates coming from the region and other places. Quite likely we we will consider it for the next year or your next city. The overall conversations were really good probably some of the really interesting conversations in change management and practical side of it and were really interesting.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the overall event a 9 out of 10 because it was very strategic and focused, with a mix of decision makers and influencers in attendance. We expect to have a good number of conversions with the enterprise accounts we met, and we are looking forward to working with Exito again in the future. There is a great scope for collaboration and we appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the event a 9 or 10 out of 10. It was well put together and we received fantastic feedback and had high-quality conversations with delegates. It has been one of the best events we have participated in, with a good return on investment and leads generated. The audience was perfect and their interactions and participation in the event were excellent. The panel discussion was also very informative and useful for my presentation.

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